Online Associate's Degree In Animation

Animation is no longer confined to film and television. Digital animation is accessible to advertisers, web designers, game producers, and individuals. Live-action films increasingly use animation for difficult to create scenes. The widespread use of animation has created new employment opportunities for animators. An associate's degree in animation can allow you to get a foot in the door of this burgeoning field. Online degrees allow increased access to education for students with work or family responsibilities.

So much of modern animation is created digitally that an associate's degree in animation largely focuses on the software and technology of the business. Classes in 2D and 3D graphics and animation can be supplemented by more traditional animation techniques like storyboarding and screenwriting. Even so, the work is largely technical. These classes can prepare you to gain entry to the animation profession. You could find yourself working with video game designers, animating scenes for film or television, or making animation for online products.

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