Online Associate's Degree In Computer & Appliance Repair

Anyone who has ever suffered from a broken computer or washing machine knows how important a good repair technician is. With an associate's degree in computer and appliance repair from an online university, you can be that helpful person. And as machines have proliferated, so have broken machines, so there's no shortage of work.

The major electronics retailers, such as Best Buy and Circuit City, have increased their attention to the business of servicing and fixing computers in addition to selling new ones. Furthermore, many household appliances such as refrigerators have practically become computers in their own right, making knowledge of electronics even more valuable to employers.

Average annual pay for computer and appliance repair techs was $38,710 in 2007. An associate's degree in computer and appliance repair from an online university tells employers that you not only know how to work on specific machines, but also understand the theory and concepts behind these constantly changing technologies.

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