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Online Associate's Degree In Corrections

Jobs in corrections are often associated with security, as corrections officers are responsible for the security of prisons and prisoners. But there's another type of security associated with a career as a corrections officer: job security. The demand for corrections officers has grown rapidly and consistently, and, unlike most careers, job opportunities and prospects for advancement remain strong regardless of the condition of the economy. A good way to get your start in this vital field is by getting an associate's degree in corrections from an online degree program.

Many corrections facilities look for candidates with a background in the military or law enforcement, but relevant college credits are often an acceptable substitute, so getting an online degree in corrections can potentially create job opportunities for you. Most entry-level positions will include considerable on the job training, but to access that training you first need to get your foot in the door. Corrections facilities also typically have a hierarchical structure similar to those in law enforcement or the military, which allow motivated workers to work their way up.

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