Online Associate's Degree In Criminal Justice

There are numerous opportunities for people trained in the field of criminal justice. Criminal justice professionals work in law enforcement, corrections departments, as probation officers, and as private detectives and investigators. If you are interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice, getting your associate's degree from an accredited online degree program will give you all of the advantages conferred by a degree, but without the commuting and scheduling challenges you would have to deal with in an on-campus program.

As a student in an online criminal justice degree program, you will primarily study the legal and constitutional framework of the criminal justice system, including criminal statutes, civil rights, criminal trial procedures, and sentencing guidelines. Other areas of study can include accident and crime scene investigation, first aid, and emergency management. Because most jobs in the criminal justice field involve significant amounts of supervised, on-the-job training, criminal justice degree programs typically give students the broad knowledge base that will prepare them for the next level of training.

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