Online Associate's Degree In Fashion Design

The fashion industry has become increasingly competitive due in part to the fashion world's portrayal in the media. An associate's degree from an accredited school is the first step in achieving a career in this hotly contested field. Online degrees provide flexibility and affordability to working students and students with families that traditional schools lack.

Many art and technical schools, as well as universities, offer an associate's degree in fashion design. A good degree program offers coursework in the creative side of fashion design with classes in sketching, pattern-making, construction, and the relevant computer aided design programs. Many also have courses in the business elements of fashion design like line development and marketing.

Beginning as a junior member of a design team as an assistant designer or working in the design room is a good way to learn many important job skills. Many jobs in the fashion industry are available beyond designing individual articles of clothing, from following trends among competitors to developing brands.

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