Online Associate's Degree In Telecommunications

Telecommunications is an enormous field, both in terms of employment and impact on modern life. Original "wireline" telephone technologies have been augmented and revolutionized by increasing levels of data transmission over the Internet, including voice and video.

An associate's degree in telecommunications from a traditional or online university allows you to develop a broad understanding of telecommunications, both its history and its future. For example, America (and other countries) are currently in the process of replacing copper wiring with fiber optic lines, which have much more bandwidth and are able to handle the flow of Internet data, especially video. Online universities themselves are a beneficiary of this trend, as students can now be provided with video lectures in the comfort of their own homes.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job growth in the telecommunications industry will be very strong because services offered by these companies are so rapidly multiplying and changing. An associate's degree in telecommunications is a solid start in the field.

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