Online Bachelor's Degree In Aviation Mechanics & Tech

As aircraft and avionics technology becomes more and more sophisticated, demand for highly educated technicians is booming. In a field dominated by certificate and associate degree holders, you can stand out from the pack with a bachelor's degree in aviation mechanics and tech. Many employers prefer to hire college-educated aviation mechanics because they possess the problem-solving and analytical-reasoning skills to troubleshoot equipment effectively.

The four-year bachelor's degree in aviation mechanics and tech offers a blend of applied training and a broad liberal arts and sciences education. You can complete the degree online through an FAA-certified university program. Online university degrees offer a convenient way to build your skill set while you work. You'll learn the fundamentals of avionics equipment, with courses in aircraft computer systems, turbine engines, composite materials, and aviation electronics. An online bachelor's degree in aviation mechanics and tech will give you a broad range of career choices. You may seek FAA certification as airframe or power plant mechanic. Or you can position yourself for a career in aviation maintenance management.

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