Online Bachelor's Degree In Biotechnology

Some of the most exciting, Nobel prize-winning developments in recent years have come out of the growing field of biotechnology. Biotechnology spans the fields of molecular and cell biology, chemistry, and genetics. Research in biotechnology is responsible for major advances in medical care, agriculture, and materials engineering. As a biotechnology researcher, you may help develop new pharmaceuticals, create consumer products such as high-performance textiles, or devise new agricultural methods to improve crop yield and nutrition.

A bachelor's degree in biotechnology is the first step to a career in this field. The degree is widely available through online university programs, a convenient option for students balancing work and family commitments. The online university degree builds a solid foundation of core liberal arts and sciences courses before turning to advanced biology and chemistry coursework. You can choose from elective courses in bioinformatics, genomics, and bioengineering. The four-year online bachelor's degree qualifies you for research and development careers, as well as management-track positions in biotech companies. It also provides a stepping stone for online graduate degree programs in biotechnology.

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