Online Bachelor's Degree In Electrician

In days past, it wasn't particularly valuable to have a bachelor's degree if you were going to be an electrician. Today, due to the increasing complexity of electrical systems, the more thorough knowledge implied by a bachelor's degree has immense value. Pay for the top ten percent of electricians exceeds $90,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent makes under $30,000.

If you are an electrician already working in the field, you will likely find that an online degree from an online university goes great with your day job. You have the flexibility to study on your own time, and you get to practice what you learn while you work. The boss is bound to be impressed, and you may even consider going into business for yourself.

A bachelor's degree from an online university includes in-depth study of microprocessors, control automation, networking, and motion control. Such a broad view should open a student's eyes to all the different possibilities available to electricians today, and there are many.

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