Online Bachelor's Degree In Fashion Merchandising

There's no doubt that fashion is big business. A quarter of a trillion dollars is spent in the United States alone on clothes and accessories. Fashion merchandising is the profession that deals with making products popular and putting brands in stores. A bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising can improve your chances of finding a desirable career in this field. Attaining a bachelor's degree at a traditional university can be difficult for working people, which explains the increasing popularity of online degrees.

A bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising can mix real world skills with a discussion of history and trends in the fashion industry. Classes should cover the business aspects of fashion merchandising, such as marketing, buying, and accounting. Coursework can include classes in the creative side of merchandising, from design development to branding. Fashion merchandisers read trends and advise stores which clothing to buy. They help magazines determine what is popular. They also direct much of the behind the scenes movements in the fashion world.

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