Online Bachelor's Degree In Fire Science

An increase in firestorms across the western and central United States has brought new attention--and funding--to fire fighting agencies. Fire prevention and management policies are evolving to reflect changing attitudes and research into environmental issues. If you are considering a career in fire fighting, now is the time to get your bachelor's degree in fire science.

An online bachelor's degree in fire science offers a convenient way to get the training you need without sacrificing work and other life commitments. The online university program brings together the various environmental science and policy disciplines that inform fire management. Like its campus counterpart, the online university degree begins with a core curriculum in liberal arts and sciences. In the second half of the program, you will turn to specialized coursework and applied training in fire science, with courses in fire fighting techniques, prevention, and hazardous materials control. With an online bachelor's degree in Fire Science, you can qualify for higher-level fire fighting positions, supervisory roles such as fire captain, and specialized jobs in areas such as fire investigation.

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