Online Bachelor's Degree In Homeland Security

More than 87,000 federal, state, and local governmental law enforcement agencies have responsibilities to ensure homeland security. Following the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in 2001 and the consolidating of federal resources, more and more criminal justice and law enforcement students are seeking specialized training in counter-terrorism measures, immigration and border patrol, transportation safety, and the collection of intelligence. Universities have begun in earnest to offer online bachelor's degree programs with a focus on homeland security to prepare graduates to enter this vital field.

An online bachelor's degree program offers professionals the opportunity to pursue high-quality, flexible, accredited university training for work with agencies including the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals, the Secret Service, air marshals, private security and surveillance companies, and law enforcement organizations. Classes can include training in cyber-security, forensics, evidence collection, crime-scene investigation, organized crime law enforcement, and bio-terrorism prevention.

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