Online Bachelor's Degree In Mathematics & Statistics

A bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics provides a solid foundation for a range of careers. Quantitative analysis plays a crucial role in many fields, from business development to financial planning to scientific research. Marketing, insurance, medicine, and public policy positions all favor graduates with a background in statistical methods. And the degree is widely available online, making it easy to get the university education you need without compromising your work and family obligations.

An online bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics offers a broad liberal arts and science curriculum as well as a specialized education in mathematics and statistics. You can expect to take courses in differential and integral calculus, probability theory, algebra, and mathematical modeling. These courses provide the foundation for applied math training, which covers statistical methods, multivariate analysis, and experiment design. The online university degree is sufficient qualification for some positions in business and public policy, especially in the public sector. Private sector research jobs typically prefer a master's degree or PhD in the field. These graduate programs are also available online.

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