Online Bachelor's Degree In Photography

Think for a moment of all the places you see photographs--museums, stores advertising, magazines, and on the Internet. Professional photographers took most of these pictures in the pursuit of their careers. The technical requirements of professional photography demand education. A four-year bachelor's degree in photography can give you all the skills required to be a professional photographer. Online degrees are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of scheduling.

Photography programs that result in bachelor's degrees balance practical elements of photography with theory and history. Technical matters are dealt with in classes such as lighting, developing film, and digital photography. Color theory, popular culture, and magazine publishing are also part of the curriculum. Students can leave with the skills and a portfolio necessary to get an entry-level position.

For many, photojournalism is the ultimate goal of a photography degree. There is plenty of work in commercial photography, portraiture, fashion photography, advertising, and art to make employment for the well-trained likely.

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Matching School Ads