Online Bachelor's Degree In Video Game Design

Video game sales have recently been approaching movie box office numbers in the United States. The popularity of games like Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft is measured on a worldwide scale. Video game designers work on every aspect of a game's production from scripting to animation. Bachelor's degrees are available from many schools. Online degrees can make it easier for a student who works to complete a bachelor's degree.

An online bachelor's degree in video game design can provide you with classes that teach you about every step of the game development process. Game concept design and storyboarding classes teaches you to flesh out a game before putting it on a computer screen. 3D modeling and animation classes teach you how to realize your concept. Interactivity theory and even music can be a part of your coursework. Game companies require this level of ability in their designers, whether they are designing games for consoles or for online play.

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