Online Doctoral Degree in Counseling

The most advanced credential available in the field of psychology counseling, the doctoral degree in Counseling will set you up for a range of career options. The PhD or PsyD qualifies you for a teaching, research, or clinical counseling position. The doctoral program includes advanced coursework in quantitative research methods and specialized topics in counseling. Doctoral programs are largely self-directed, which affords you the opportunity to focus on a particular counseling specialty and to conduct original research. Counseling specialties include school psychology, child psychology, family counseling, mental health and substance abuse issues, behavioral counseling, and more.

The program, which generally takes five to seven years to complete, is available online through a number of accredited university programs. The online degree format allows you to work and gain practical clinical experience while you research and write your PhD dissertation. As a graduate of an online doctoral degree program in counseling, you may open a private counseling practice or work in a clinic. Alternatively, you can pursue an academic career focused on college teaching and research.

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