Online Master's Degree In Accounting

Businesses large and small need math-oriented individuals to keep their financial records in order and prepare for payroll and preparing taxes. Many employers prefer an accountant with a master's degree. Online degree programs offer flexibility, which traditional schools have trouble matching.

A master's degree in accounting familiarizes you with the ins and outs of what a professional accountant does. Classes in statistics, financial accounting, financial reporting, and taxation and business law for accountants are offered along with classes in economics and management. A master's degree in accounting can also qualify you to take the Certified Public Accounting exam.

Accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors are needed in the private sectors and in the public sector in local, state, and federal governments. Companies need accountants to balance their accounts and make sure they are in compliance with the law. The financial sector, which now faces the likelihood of increased regulation, requires accountants with the education to handle new auditing and reporting rules.

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