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Online Master's Degree In Corrections

Everyone has heard rags to riches stories about someone who starts in the mailroom and works his way up to C.E.O., but the truth is that such meteoric rises are rare in most professional fields. Most, but not all. In the military, for example, it's possible to work your way up from private to general. The same is true in the corrections field, where a determined corrections officer can eventually make it all the way up to warden. That is, a determined and educated corrections officer. Making it to the top takes more than experience and performance on the job. It takes training in administration and management that isn't typically part of a corrections officer's job. If you want to qualify for an administrative position in the corrections field, consider earning your master's degree in corrections from an online degree program.

Correctional facilities run 24/7, 365 days a year. As a corrections officer, your work schedule can be a far cry from the traditional 40-hour work week, and subject to change. This can make it difficult to go back to school. By enrolling in an online master's degree program, you can set your own class and studying schedule, making it much more convenient to earn your degree. An added bonus: the warden rarely has to work nights and weekends.

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