Online Master's Degree In Emergency Management

Emergency management is a perfect career for someone who wants to do something good for the world and get paid for it. A master's degree in emergency management qualifies you for upper-level employment at a government agency, charity, or hospital, helping people cope with difficult crises.

Although it may not seem like it at first, an online degree can be a particularly appealing option for those wishing to pursue this field of study. Effective emergency management heavily depends on information systems and technology, and the Internet is a prime environment for mastering such skills. Attending an online university also enables you to work while you are in school.

Salaries for emergency management specialists average $48,680 nationally. However, salaries are considerably higher in areas of the country that have an acute need for emergency management personnel. In California, for example, the average salary for state-employed emergency management specialists is $66,510.

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