Online Master's Degree In Fire Science

As wildfires continue to sweep the west and central U.S. and public awareness of environmental issues grows, federal fire agencies are experiencing a boost in public funding. That means expanded career opportunities for qualified firefighting professionals. If you are interested in a career in fire management or policymaking, a graduate education in fire science is a must.

The master's degree in fire science represents one of the most advanced credentials available in this specialized field. The degree is widely available online, making it feasible to keep your day job while you develop an advanced skill set. The two-year online university graduate program offers specialized training in fire prevention and policy. The master's degree in fire science will introduce you to the latest firefighting techniques, fire management principles, fire inspection methods and building codes, hazardous materials control, and more. Management courses can prepare you to advance into supervisory roles such as fire captain and battalion chief. Finally, you will have the opportunity to complete an independent research project drawing on both your online university training and your work experience.

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