Online Master's Degree In Gerontology

As the baby boomer generation gets older, it affects the entire U.S. economy. Health care jobs are increasing exponentially and those who already have a specialty in gerontology are in high demand. For those already working in the health care industry, or as social workers or counselors, an online master's degree in gerontology could be just the thing to allow you to capitalize on this opportunity.

Often college graduates don't have the resources to enter immediately into a graduate program, and thus they enter the workforce first to gain necessary experience and income. Why give that up? An online degree allows you to study from home in your free time while continuing to work.

Also, you can choose the online university that meets your needs because different gerontology programs have different focuses--some have more courses in health issues and clinical practice, whereas others deal more with the supportive aspects such as community-based services and service-supported housing.

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