Online City and Regional Planning Degree Programs

Stop for a minute and consider what the world would be like without the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Arc de Triomphe. These structures and many more like them add beauty and connectivity to their surroundings, and they are all designed by architects. Architects make their living by attempting the difficult fusion of form and function and are often responsible for city and regional planning, which includes topics such as public transportation, affordable housing, zoning and land use. They can also be commissioned to create structures both aesthetically pleasing and safe without going over budget.

Needless to say, a job with such a high level of responsibility demands advanced education. Architecture students study math, architectural history, building design, and construction methods, and typically require at least a bachelor's degree. Whether you'd like to go into residential planning, public transit development, or any discipline in between, an online degree from an accredited university can help you achieve your goal from the convenience of your home computer.

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