Online Game Design Programs

Toward the top of the list of many children's dream jobs sits that of game design. If games are already fun to play, getting paid to design and test those games would likely be exponentially cooler. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that qualified multimedia artists are increasingly sought after as consumers clamor for more realistic video games. If you're ready to hop on board, you need an education.

Many people are attracted to the game design profession, so set yourself apart by earning an online degree from an accredited university. Classes can include game concept design, applied game theory, gaming platforms and standards, and game tools and techniques. You can work on the programming side or the creative side of game design, and you may end up producing your own gaming website or owning your own game design company. Whichever route you take, an online degree can give you the visual media and computer design skills necessary to succeed in this fast growing industry.

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