Online Public Relations Programs

As the old adage goes, any publicity is good publicity. And that's what makes public relations graduates so valuable in the business world. The public relations industry is a unique mixture of media, journalism, and marketing that helps businesses sell goods and services while building a solid brand. And because all organizations traditionally want to be seen as professional, the demand for public relations specialists should continue to rise in the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of public relations specialists is projected to increase by 18 percent through 2016.

Earning an online degree in public relations can provide you with the necessary experience and skills to find a position in this growing industry. Coursework in public relations may include visual communication, desktop publishing, advertising, writing, business administration, public relations management, and more. Classes that can be completed from anywhere in the world, a robust network of support, and the ability to keep your personal and professional commitments, may make online learning an attractive option for nontraditional students.

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