Online Macromedia Certification Programs

While some people learn macromedia on their own, Macromedia Certified Professional (MCP) is the official certification that proves to employers you have undergone a certain level of training and passed the required exam. The four types of macromedia certification are Certified ColdFusion MX Developer, Certified Dreamweaver MX Developer, Certified Macromedia Flash MX Designer, and Certified Macromedia Flash MX Developer.

According to Macromedia, prior to taking the exam you should have 1+ year using Dreamweaver, 2+ years experience in Web development, 6 months experience creating/using high quality graphics and in Web site management, experience in manual coding, and on-the-job knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS syntax.

Obtaining this certification can increase not only your job opportunities but also your salary. Macromedia Authorized Training courses are conveniently available online and are designed specifically to prepare you for any of these four exams.

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