Online Computer Applications Specialist Training and Microsoft Certification Programs

A computer applications specialist certification trains you to work with computer application software, including desktop publishing, operating systems, programming, spreadsheet applications, telecommunications, and word processing.

Computer applications specialist training provides a solid foundation for either entering the workforce or continuing on to further specialization, such as Microsoft certification, which proves to employers that you possess a certain level of skill and training. Microsoft has the following certifications--Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), which verifies in-depth knowledge of how to implement, build, troubleshoot, and debug a specific Microsoft technology; Microsoft Certified IT Professional/Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, which reflects a comprehensive skill set including design, project management, operations management, and planning; Microsoft Certified Master, which is the highest level of certification and requires you to first be certified in the other two areas; and Microsoft Certified Architect, which indicates a high level of competency in IT architecture.

Certifications are available online for those who need flexibility for work or family obligations.

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