Online Computer Networking Programs

Graduates of networking training programs can go on to become computer network analysts, technicians, WAN/LAN technicians, network administrators or managers, or several other careers. Networking training can be obtained online from the convenience of your own home.

Training program coursework typically includes advanced Internet protocol concepts; application performance analysis; computer networking science; computer programming; installing, upgrading, and maintaining computer network systems (LAN/WAN); Internet infrastructure and protocol fundamentals; IP analysis and troubleshooting; math; network analysis and troubleshooting, design and implementation, and systems management; operating systems, organizational management, and various networking and internetworking technologies.

Students can also choose to specialize further by obtaining a network security degree that focuses on data encryption, protection, data-linking techniques, and studying current threats and viruses. Network management certification or degree programs can also create opportunities for advancement into a supervisory position.

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