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A computer programmer writes programs according to given specifications using a programming language like COBOL or an object-orientated language like Java or C++, which creates a set of instructions the computer can follow. A computer programmer is generally identified by the programming language in which they write (Java programmer) or the computer they work on (mainframe programmer). They also come in two types--applications programmers and systems programmers. Most have either a bachelor's degree or 2-year certification.

A programmer analyst designs and updates computer software and creates custom applications. Training can include both programming and systems analysis, and involves working with object-oriented programming languages, client-server applications, databases, and the Internet. Employment in this field is increasing much faster than computer programmer employment.

A computer operator typically oversees the operation of computer hardware systems. Training generally occurs on the job; this is a rapidly declining occupation because new technology tends to make it obsolete.

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD is the top-level certification for Microsoft developers.

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