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As with all professional certifications, becoming a Sun Certified Professional (SCP) verifies a certain level of knowledge and proficiency, which allows an employer to be confident in your abilities. Sun Microsystems recommends at least 6-12 months of on-the-job experience along with a Sun training course prior to taking one of the certification exams. You can easily obtain the training online at your own pace while maintaining a full-time job, which allows you to advance in your career without being unemployed to further your education.

Two main certifications are available: Java and Solaris. And within each certification, are several types of certifications that range from entry to advanced levels. Within Java, the entry-level certification is the Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA) and the most advanced is the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA). For Solaris Operating Systems, the entry-level certification is the Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS) and specialty certifications at the highest levels are the Sun Certified Network Administrator (SCNA) and Sun Certified Security Administrator (SCSECA).

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