Degrees and Certifications for Pastry Chefs and Bakers

While it may seem like all you need to do is be able to bake well, most employers prefer to hire pastry chefs with professional training. Associate's and bachelor's degrees are available in the baking and pastry arts, generally offering courses in basic sanitation and workplace safety, breads, classical and European pastries, chocolate artistry, confections and show pieces, food handling, health and safety procedures, nutrition, petit fours and pastries, plated desserts, preparation, and tortes and special occasion cakes.

You can find pastry chefs at work almost anywhere people eat any type of breads, pastries, or desserts--bakeries, restaurants, hotels, luxury liners. In large establishments, pastry chefs usually work only on the dessert menu, while in smaller establishments the pastry chef may handle all baked goods and desserts.

Both degrees and specialty certifications are available online for students who need to take care of family and work obligations.

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