Online Culinary Programs

It's no secret that the consumption of food is about much more than the intake of calories. Along with sustenance, food both creates and evokes lifelong memories, and affords us a simple but invaluable epicurean pleasure. If you find yourself seduced by the world of food and want to turn your baking and dinner party hobbies into a profitable career, consider obtaining an online culinary degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that, when hiring chefs and filling other advanced cooking positions, employers prefer applicants with postsecondary educations. In an online culinary program, students learn basic food handling and sanitation procedures, cooking methods, nutrition, and menu planning. These skills can be applied to a variety of occupations, from short order cook to caterer, executive chef to culinary institute instructor.

By enrolling in an online culinary program, you can pursue your passion on your own time and earn skills that outfit you for work both inside and outside the kitchen.

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