Online Surveying Engineering Programs

Surveyors use their technical training and skill to accurately map out distances, directions, and angles between objects. Most surveyors work for architectural, engineering, and related services, state and local government, and nonresidential building construction. A bachelor's degree and strong technical skills are considered standard for most entry level applicants to surveying careers.

Typical coursework for surveying engineering students includes the principles and techniques of field measurements, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), photogrammetric mapping, and more. Students receive an introduction to modern surveying equipment, including electronic distance meters, theodolites, and optical alignment devices.

Interested in an online education? You're not alone. About 3.5 million students were taking at least one course online during the fall 2006 term, according to a study by the Sloan Consortium. If you're interested in pursuing your surveying degree without the hassle of traveling to a traditional classroom, the distance learning model may be ideal.

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