Online Rehabilitation and Therapy Programs

For those who have suffered an injury, disability, or other physical malady, they know rehabilitation therapy is a highly valued course of action. Trained physical therapists and their assistants work to restore mobility, improve function, and reduce pain over a series of rehabilitation sessions. The work is sometimes labor-intensive, as therapists must often stoop, lift, carry, and otherwise assist patients in movement.

Training to work either as a physical therapist or an assistant varies greatly based on the path you choose. Physical therapists typically need a master's degree and a state license, while their assistants need only an associate degree. Some states require licensing for physical therapist assistants, a process that requires passing a state examination.

Work online, on your time, to complete your rehabilitation and therapy training. Online education programs may allow students to work towards a degree without the hassle of traveling to a traditional classroom. Many students even choose to keep part- or full-time jobs while completing their education online.

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