Online Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

For people with multiple interests in fields ranging from history to economics to art, an interdisciplinary degree may be the answer. If you are not sure which subject interests you or do not want to be limited to a specific subject, you might look into a degree in interdisciplinary studies. Online degrees are gaining in popularity and respectability due to their flexibility and quality of instruction.

An undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies allows you to design much of your own curriculum by combining courses from several general studies' disciplines. If you are not sure whether literature or psychology is more appealing, you can take classes from both majors and have them count toward your degree.

A degree in interdisciplinary studies can show employers that you are mature and capable enough to take control of your own education. It can also make you knowledgeable in several fields. These kinds of skills are in demand in business, the public sector, and in the non-profit world.

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