Online Math and Statistics Programs

Many of the hard sciences and social sciences require a background in math. You can lay the foundation for a lucrative career by earning a degree in math or statistics. A way with numbers is a must. Online math and statistics degrees are more easily accessible than traditional degrees and are gaining greater acceptance in the business world.

Mathematics and statistics degrees require the student to master algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and analytical geometry. More advanced mathematics degrees might require a mastery of differential equations and matrices. Statistics degrees generally have more coursework in probability, statistical analysis, bioinformatics, and information theory.

The career options for a candidate with a math or statistics degree are legion. Financial institutions, manufacturers, and real estate developers all require accountants, analysts, and actuaries to succeed. These positions are some of the higher paid positions at any firm. The degree you earn can pay off in the compensation you receive.

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Founded in 1876, Johns Hopkins University, a top tier research university with campus locations in Maryland and Washington, DC, and online.

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