Online Plumbing Programs

Plumbers have one of the higher-paid construction occupations, but most states do require a license. Typical jobs include installation of plumbing in new construction and maintenance of existing systems. If you work in new construction you are expected to know how to read blueprints and plan plumbing and appliance installations using the most cost-effective and efficient methods possible. You will be entering an apprenticeship program which typically includes hands-on training as well as class studies. Most apprenticeships require 144 hours of related classroom instruction per year. Training includes following building plans or blueprints, drafting, mathematics, applied physics, safety, and local plumbing codes.

With additional training there is a higher probability of moving into construction management and building inspection. Online vocational trade schools provide the opportunity to learn the plumbing trade while working. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there will be many prospective new jobs in the coming years because of a retiring workforce, so prepare yourself now.

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