Online Vocational Degrees

Pursuing a vocational degree from an online university may be a way to turn your hobby into a challenging career. Vocational and trade industries are courting qualified candidates with formal training in the field. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that service-providing trade and vocational professions will show a steady increase in projected employment over the coming decade. If you'd like to get training but are worried about holding on to your current position, distance learning may be the answer. Working professionals, mid-career changers, and other nontraditional students may prefer the flexibility.

Coursework for online vocational degrees feature specific training in your desired field. Locksmithing, electronics, and creative design are just a few of your options. With respect to salary, your specialty and geographic locale will come into play. Most positions earn an hourly wage and can choose the type of projects and the number of hours in which they work. Electricians, for example, earned a median hourly wage of $21.53 in 2007.

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